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iProtoXi provides innovative modular sensor electronics, sensor software and custom projects. Our first CPU product is Micro, an extremely small sized modular plug-and-play Internet-of-Things sensor platform.

We are experts in using and integrating low power radio technologies to different sensors, such as accelerometers, magnetometers, gyroscopes, touch, pressure, force, proximity, environment, gas, and ambient light sensors, and sensor combinations (sensor fusion). We use our intelligent Aistin IoT platform as a modular tool for developing customer applications.

iProtoXi Micro Internet of Things Sensor Platform

iProtoXi Aistin Software family opens the possibility to control sensors remotely via internet with any modern web browser. Aistin Server is delivered on several platforms, running on Windows, Mac, or Linux (e.g. Raspbian, BeagleBone, Sailfish). Aistin Server provides an easily adoptable open interface for customers own applications.

Aistin Firmware running in iProtoXi CPU boards includes a virtual machine which enables simple user defined sensor logics running on the board. Sensor logics can be downloaded and updated remotely to the CPU board via Internet (e.g. Aistin @ Web) without flashing or booting the device.

Sensor logics are used to preprocess the sensor data and make the data more usable for the application. Sensor logics are also used to filter the amount of sensor data to be sent to upper layers. Reduced communication helps on power consumption when using wireless battery powered devices.

Aistin @ Web online sensor control center offers the viewport to real-time sensor data.

iProtoXi Aistin@Web Online Sensor Control Center